Right this minute, Ryan Korban is the king of interior design in New York. His commercial and residential projects include Alexander Wang, Open Ceremony, Barneys, James Franco and Vanessa Traina. He is also the co-owner of Edon Manor boutique in downtown New York.
The young man for whom good taste is his life’s driving force, says he overuses the word ‘troll’ but we realise he actually says ‘palace’ a lot.  Scroll down and find out about his love for London, a new home fragrance, zebras and much more!

What’s the best place you have ever seen? The White Drawing room in Buckingham Palace.  What is your most treasured possession? My zebra.  Who do you most identify with? Helena Bonham Carter.  What is the worst thing anyone’s ever said to you? I was presenting a design for a client and they told me it was too sophisticated. That was the worst thing anyone said to me!  What are you wearing right now? Balenciaga. What is the last thing you broke?I cracked a tea cup.  How do you relax? Classical music, AC, and an amber candle.  What does love feel like? The first day of fall.  Coffee or cocktails? Definitely cocktails.  Clean shave or stubble? Stubble.  Fine dining or comfort food? Comfort food in a fine dining atmosphere.  Vintage or new? Vintage furniture and new clothes.  Silver or gold? Both. Nothing is better than mixing metals.  Sofa or daybed? Daybed. Down filled.  Colour or monochrome? Monochrome without a doubt.  What is your favourite texture? Fur!  What is your favourite object? Anything made of marble.  Which is your favourite decade? Why? France in the 30s and Italy in the 70s. Nothing is chicer then 30s furniture from France.  What do you owe your parents? My sense of humor and desire to always be naughty.   Who would play you in the film of your life? Judi Dench.  Which words or phrases do you most overuse? Troll.  How would your ideal weekend away be like? A palace in the middle of nowhere.  What makes you scream? With joy? Grey Goose.  Where would you like to live? London.   What is the force that drives you through life? Good taste. The search to obtain it and to share it.  What’s next for you? More projects of course. A home fragrance with Kilian Henessey and I am working on my first book.

Photos by Cameron Krone
Text by Sol Marinozzi